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A mix of champagne, orange juice and maraschino


Angostura Bitters, whiskey mix with sweet and dry vermouth

Sex on the Beach

Pineapple juice, orange juice, peach snaps, mix with vodka

Amaretto Sour

Sour mix with amaretto and club soda

Blue Hawaiian

Pineapple juice with an added splash of clue curacao mix with rum malibu


• Margarita Classic • Margarita Strawberry • Margarita Mango • Margarita Passion • Margarita Blue • Margaricorona • Margaritequila


• Classic Martini • Passion Martini • Apple Martini


• Mojito Classic • Mojito Passion • Mojito Coconut • Mojito Fresa

Piña Colada

Tom Collins

Cocktail made from London gin, lemon juice, sugar and club soda

Old Fashion

A cocktail made by mixing bourbon whiskey, agostura bitters and brown sugar

Tequila Sunrise

A mix of tequila, sour mix and orange juice

Whisky Sour

The perfect balance of sour mix, whiskey and club soda


by Glass / Pitcher • Red Sangria • Passion Sangria

White Russian

A cocktail made of vodka, kahula, and evaporated milk

Black Russian

A cocktail made of vodka. kahula and syrup

Pisco Sour

Peruvian origin cocktail, mixed with lemon juice, egg white, syrup, peruvian pisco and sour mix

Mai Tai

With a prominent rum flavor mix with malibu, orange juice, sour mix and maraschino


A classic drink that combines vodka, orange juice and maraschino

Cuba Libre

A mix of rum with coke and lemon juice
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